Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Blue Bonnet Day

There are empty lots on each side of our house and the spring rains have really encouraged the weeds to grow in them.  Yesterday I noticed a little color in one of them.  Investigating I found this little beauty.

Blue Bonnets are the State Flower of Texas. 

Lady Bird Johnson was responsible for persuading Texas to reseed wildflowers along the highways every year. 
They say "Every spring the wildflowers return as a legacy to the First Lady."

I went to the grocery store later in the day and a nearby field was exploding with the blooms.

It's like they just appeared over night. 

The empty lot next door will soon be mowed (I HOPE!) and eventually cleared to put up a new house.


If you look real close.

I think Lady Bird would be proud.

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Despite the 30 mph winds we have had, I finally got the bug to plant a few flowers.
Love Geraniums!

This is a deep red variety I bought at Calloways.

I put 2 in hanging baskets in the front flower beds.

Oh my poor shrubs look like weeds in this picture!  They are just young.

More in a large planter on the front porch.

I bought the chairs at Target.  Comfy! 

Now it's time to work on the back. 

It faces west so I will need something really heat tolerant back here. 
It's going to be a beautiful sunny day today.
Hope your day is sunny too!