Saturday, August 29, 2009

Now Who Does Harper Look Like?

I have been going through pictures that we boxed up and removing them from frames. This has always been a favorite. I think Harper looks a whole lot more like Kelly than I even thought. All she needs is a big bow!

Kelly 5 months old.

What do you think?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Closing Date

I haven't posted any new pictures of the house because they are starting to look the same. The light fixtures have been put in. The floors tiled. The counters, sinks, and shower tile are almost finished. Without light in the house it's hard to get a realistic looking picture of them. I can show you a picture of Tom standing in his favorite spot, the back porch.

Here is a view from the back in the other direction. Lots of sand traps.

We finally have a closing date, September 25th.

Molly will be moving in with us the end of September after her apartment lease runs out. She was struck by lighting so to speak and has decided she wants to teach. She has enrolled back at TWU to get a Masters in Teaching. If all goes well she'll be done by next fall. She also will be substitute teaching along the way. She is so excited about this and naturally we are too. It's a good thing we got 4 bedrooms!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few Pictures On The Home Progress


This is the view from our kitchen nook looking out the back door. You can see they are about to put the fence in. All the fences are the same, black rod iron. It's a golf course thing.

Mom headed toward the dining room. The colors are not showing up well. The main part of the house is a grayish blue (Capricorn it's called). It is exactly how I wanted it to be. It's so hard to pick out paint colors!


The bedrooms and baths are a taupe color. It's called cracker barrel. Makes me hungry. The counters will be going in next. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. We haven't been given a move in date yet. We are thinking the middle of September.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosie - Update

I took Rosie for her follow-up vet visit yesterday. She has been on antibiotics all week, kind of. I probably got about half of it in her. When it comes to giving her medicine she turns into a ball of furry fury! It takes two of us to get it in her.

He was able to get a better look in her mouth and was able to see a growth in the back corner which he is pretty sure is a tumor and probably malignant. Because of her frail condition nothing can be done for her now except to keep her comfortable. This is what I expected and this is what we will do.

She does not seem to be in pain and doesn't act sick. She gets around fine, uses her litter box, grooms herself, wants to eat all the time and craves company. She was never a lap cat until now but has become quite a snuggler. The only downside is she is very verbal at night and believe me this little girl has a meow that gets your attention. We can deal with that too.

Right now she is quite content.

And that's all I want for her.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Red Day

Saturday instead of cleaning and packing I did what a girls gotta do, go shopping. Now that it looks like we are getting closer to moving the nesting syndrome took over. First on the list was a chair for the living room. I knew we would have to order it so mom and I headed to Haverty's. (She is getting around better and outings are always good for the soul especially if your a girl!) We picked out the most comfortable recliner ever. You just sink into it and with it's high cushy back it will be difficult to stay awake in it. I've got a feeling we will be having to draw straws or something to sit in it. The fabric we picked out was a brick RED. Here it is in another color. I love the old fashioned look and the brads on the sides.
Later I grabbed my garage sale money and headed to Kohl's. They were having a great sale and I am in need of a comforter for our bedroom to be. I've been looking around for over a month for the "perfect one". I found it on sale 55% off and as I was standing in line to pay for it wanting to kick myself for being the only person in line without a coupon the very nice lady in front of me handed me hers. Another 20% off! This was meant to be. So I got a fantastic deal, a comforter set I love and it's RED.
JC Penney was having great sales also. Rather than hit the store I went on line and ordered a few things. My favorite blanket was on closeout for $16.00. And these sheets were a great deal and buttery soft. With free shipping you couldn't go wrong.
Guess what color I picked out. You guessed it RED!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

After The Vet Visit

We saw the vet at 3 today. Despite weighing in at only 6 lbs she fought him tooth and nail. She does have a badly infected tooth and ears. I won't go into the gory detail but because of her age, heart murmur, kidney disease, and most likely thyroid issues there is no way she could be anesthetized to remove it. He did a lot of head shaking and I am not a fool, I know where we are going with all of this. So he put her on antibiotics and shot lots of medicine into her ears and wants to see her in a week.

She has hated me for about 4 hours now. She paced the house continuously after we got home and stationed herself in front of her water bowl when she was not pacing.

About an hour ago she climbed in my lap and snuggled up for a little purring time.
Right now she is nestled behind me in the computer chair (a natural heating pad).
So forgiving. So loving. I hate what's coming.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Kitties and New Houses

I have been awful about posting lately. There just never seems to be enough time to sit and do it. Rosie is my oldest cat. She is 19+ now and quite scrawny. She absolutely hates going to the vet and I have pretty much complied with her wishes by not taking her unless she is uncomfortable. She still gets around well, extremely sassy, and despite the picture you see below eats a lot. I'm guessing she weighs less than 6 lbs now. In the last few months she has become very clingy. She was never a lap cat and hated being picked up. But now she wants to be right on top of me all the time. I really don't have a problem with that until she snuggles a little too close to my face. Her breath could kill. Today I decided to take a look at her mouth and she was not happy and seems to be tender. I think we have tooth issues. Remember my house is currently loaded with furniture. Here she is trying to hide from me after I tried to look at her mouth. We have a vet appointment tomorrow. I hope she doesn't have a kitty heart attack when she finds out.

House update!
After emailing the construction manager about my concern over the lull in our house building, things have been moving along like "the extreme makeover". In the last week it has been bricked, sheetrocked, and textured.

Today I went out and they were framing the driveway and sidewalks. This made mom happy as it will be easier for her to get in and check out the progress. It's been difficult for her to get around after fracturing her leg. She's on the mend, getting around much better and ready to move in.

We've been told they will be putting the doors and cabinets in this week and painting the inside next week. Stay tuned for more pictures this weekend I hope!