Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosie - Update

I took Rosie for her follow-up vet visit yesterday. She has been on antibiotics all week, kind of. I probably got about half of it in her. When it comes to giving her medicine she turns into a ball of furry fury! It takes two of us to get it in her.

He was able to get a better look in her mouth and was able to see a growth in the back corner which he is pretty sure is a tumor and probably malignant. Because of her frail condition nothing can be done for her now except to keep her comfortable. This is what I expected and this is what we will do.

She does not seem to be in pain and doesn't act sick. She gets around fine, uses her litter box, grooms herself, wants to eat all the time and craves company. She was never a lap cat until now but has become quite a snuggler. The only downside is she is very verbal at night and believe me this little girl has a meow that gets your attention. We can deal with that too.

Right now she is quite content.

And that's all I want for her.

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  1. Sweet little kitty. I've been thinking about her.