Sunday, August 9, 2009

Red Day

Saturday instead of cleaning and packing I did what a girls gotta do, go shopping. Now that it looks like we are getting closer to moving the nesting syndrome took over. First on the list was a chair for the living room. I knew we would have to order it so mom and I headed to Haverty's. (She is getting around better and outings are always good for the soul especially if your a girl!) We picked out the most comfortable recliner ever. You just sink into it and with it's high cushy back it will be difficult to stay awake in it. I've got a feeling we will be having to draw straws or something to sit in it. The fabric we picked out was a brick RED. Here it is in another color. I love the old fashioned look and the brads on the sides.
Later I grabbed my garage sale money and headed to Kohl's. They were having a great sale and I am in need of a comforter for our bedroom to be. I've been looking around for over a month for the "perfect one". I found it on sale 55% off and as I was standing in line to pay for it wanting to kick myself for being the only person in line without a coupon the very nice lady in front of me handed me hers. Another 20% off! This was meant to be. So I got a fantastic deal, a comforter set I love and it's RED.
JC Penney was having great sales also. Rather than hit the store I went on line and ordered a few things. My favorite blanket was on closeout for $16.00. And these sheets were a great deal and buttery soft. With free shipping you couldn't go wrong.
Guess what color I picked out. You guessed it RED!


  1. You hit the jackpot on your sales! Love the may have to take turns sitting in it...looks very comfy!!

    I do love your bedding too! It is going to look great in your new bedroom! Bet you are all getting very excited!!

    Has the "due date" been set yet???

  2. Love your chair! I need a new mattress so badly. But- I'm a strange girl (I HATE SHOPPING!) I went to two mattress stores and had a mini panic attack thinking about all the choices and left. My poor old back! The bed we have is almost as old as Emily. Glad Grandma's getting around better. Not fun being down.
    Love you!