Friday, August 28, 2009

Closing Date

I haven't posted any new pictures of the house because they are starting to look the same. The light fixtures have been put in. The floors tiled. The counters, sinks, and shower tile are almost finished. Without light in the house it's hard to get a realistic looking picture of them. I can show you a picture of Tom standing in his favorite spot, the back porch.

Here is a view from the back in the other direction. Lots of sand traps.

We finally have a closing date, September 25th.

Molly will be moving in with us the end of September after her apartment lease runs out. She was struck by lighting so to speak and has decided she wants to teach. She has enrolled back at TWU to get a Masters in Teaching. If all goes well she'll be done by next fall. She also will be substitute teaching along the way. She is so excited about this and naturally we are too. It's a good thing we got 4 bedrooms!


  1. Molly will make a great teacher! It seems our family is full of them!!! 9/25 will be here before you know it - so excited for you!

  2. Sept 25 will be here soon and you will be all in and settled before cool weather comes!

    Can't wait to see your new house when it's all done!