Friday, December 23, 2011

Wrapping With Rosie

I've been busy with all the preparations that go along with Christmas.

Yesterday I finished up my gift wrapping.

I may be old but I can still jump on the bed.

After all this is where my mom the action is

I think I'll help her make cookies and fudge tomorrow.

And we need to be sure and put a post on the blog. 

We do everything together these days.

Now where did that bow go?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Old Fashioned Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas. 


And Out

I like things plain and simple as you can see from the coffee table decoration.  Just a green wreath with candles in the center.

I bought  a new tree this year.  It is a little taller and much thicker than the one I had last year.  We always had a fresh tree until my son was born and we discovered he was allergic to just about everything.  Artificial trees are so much easier and less messy.  Plus they don't aggravate kids with asthma and make your husbands eyes swell up if the tree is a Frazier Fir.

I have to have a star on top of the tree.

To me the best part of the tree are the ornaments. I've collected ornaments for many years adding a couple of new ones each year.

 My favorites are the ones the children made.

A special wish for a bell from prancer's harness for my daughter preserved.

The ones I made.

I made these two needlepoint ornaments when I was pregnant with our baby Scott.  We only were able to hold him for a short time but he is here in our hearts.

Remembering the "Reason For The Season" 

Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy!

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Yesterday was mom's 89th birthday!  I think it turned out to be a a happy celebration for her.  Her day was filled with cards, flowers, hugs and many phone calls.

I decided to fix Cuban Black Beans and Rice and Ham Croquettes for her birthday which is a favorite of Chris and Jackson my family.  (They both ate a lot of rice, salad and garlic bread.  Ha!)

For her birthday cake I made another family tradition.  My grandma Kelly's Date Cake.  This cake has always been my favorite.  My mom used to make it for me on my birthdays.  I never have made the cake myself.  I thought I had the recipe in my file but didn't so I pulled it from mom's file.  When I started to make it I had mom there adding advice on things not written on the card and I suddenly realized the recipe was handwritten by Grandma Kelly.  It was a sweet moment as if the three of us were there cooking together.  (Big Sniff).

A well worn recipe.

Here is a picture of the cake.  It looks rather pitiful in this ugly pan.  But the taste is divine and that's what matters.  I cheated and used cool whip instead of "real whipped cream".  It really is much better with the real stuff.

It's very light, full of dates and walnuts and lady fingers on top.

It was a fun time and even Rosie joined the celebration.  She likes party's.

Chris and Carrie were here and I could kick myself for not getting a picture of them but they looked fabulous as always!  And they won first place in the biggest Poinsettia contest!   Isn't it beautiful!

It was a very Happy Day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
~Author Unknown
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Talking Bout My Girls

I love these mums.  Each flower is made up of so many perfect little petals.

A beautiful creation.

Speaking of beautiful creations.

I went down to see Molly's class get started in the homecoming parade Friday.  The kids decorated a boat trailer. Some road, some walked and some road in the back of the pick up.

The boys getting the law rules of etiquette on pickup riding prior to the parade.

Here they are ready to roll.  There were many entries in the parade and they shut down west bound Belt Line (a major street) from the elementary school to the high school.

The kids were excited.  My girl was in control.

As you can see my other girls are doing well.

Rosie has appointed herself official lap sitter of anyone who happens to sit in this chair.

It's usually me.

As you can see mom is not so thrilled about this.

Rosie is much older than mom in people years.

Rosie takes "Age Before Beauty" very seriously and has declared herself queen.


It's hard to argue with this face.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking Time

Two weeks ago today my mother had to be hospitalized for Sepsis. 
An infection out of control that came with no warning.

We've been taking time to


Watch the much needed rain



And She Has

I took this picture of her this morning.

My Mom

The "real" Wonder Woman

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Fall

Today is the first day of Fall

But it's not why these trees have turned colors.

This is what happens when you haven't had rain in months.

That is burned foliage and grass from 70 days of 100+ degrees.

The greens were kept alive with constant watering.  But the poor trees have suffered.

And the ponds.

The day after I took this picture it rained and the weather cooled off giving us a taste of cooler weather.  We have had a couple of days in the 80's but mostly it's been in the low 90's.  It rained again yesterday.  Even though the rain only lasts about 30 minutes we're grateful.

I celebrated by pulling out my fall decorations.

I found this little owl on the mantle at Pier One.  We have a couple of owls living nearby. 
 I love to hear them talking to each other at night.

I've been wanting a pair of brown boots for a long time.  I haven't had a pair since I was in college 40 years ago.  I splurged and bought myself these.

We all know that "New Shoes Cure the Blues".

I guess you could say "New Boots Make you Hoot".

Have a great first day of fall.

Ms Corny Kat

Friday, August 26, 2011

Breaking Records


I googled for a picture of a "hot sun" and came across this one.  I thought it was a little easier on the eyes than a picture of the glaring, eye squinting sun we have had endlessly here. 

It implies water.

We don't have any.

We haven't had a good any rain in months and are in a horrible drought.  We get teased every once in a while with some thunder and sprinkles but that's about the extent of it.

This past weekend Tom and I went to visit my ex boss, Dr. M-R for his 75th birthday.  He has a home on Cedar Creek Lake in Mabank.  Here is a view from his back porch.

The lake is 5ft below what it should be.  Normally the water fills up the front dock. 

Here is a close up of his boat dock.  They can't put their boat in the water because it's too shallow.   

We are probably going to break the all time record of 100+ degree days we have ever had in one really long hot summer. So far we have had

60 days 100 or over!

We've been breaking all kinds of heat records down here.  "Highest Highs" and my favorite "Highest Lows".  That's when it's like 90 degrees at 6 am when I'm on my way to work with the air conditioner on MAX.  It is not natural!  Needless to say we're all kind of cranky.


Today is "National Dog Day".  I don't have one.  Hug your dog for me!

Today in History (1920)

The 19th amendment to the constitution was passed giving women the right to vote.

I vote "The Highest Temperature May Never Exceed 90 Degrees Ever!"