Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally Fall

Today is the first day of Fall

But it's not why these trees have turned colors.

This is what happens when you haven't had rain in months.

That is burned foliage and grass from 70 days of 100+ degrees.

The greens were kept alive with constant watering.  But the poor trees have suffered.

And the ponds.

The day after I took this picture it rained and the weather cooled off giving us a taste of cooler weather.  We have had a couple of days in the 80's but mostly it's been in the low 90's.  It rained again yesterday.  Even though the rain only lasts about 30 minutes we're grateful.

I celebrated by pulling out my fall decorations.

I found this little owl on the mantle at Pier One.  We have a couple of owls living nearby. 
 I love to hear them talking to each other at night.

I've been wanting a pair of brown boots for a long time.  I haven't had a pair since I was in college 40 years ago.  I splurged and bought myself these.

We all know that "New Shoes Cure the Blues".

I guess you could say "New Boots Make you Hoot".

Have a great first day of fall.

Ms Corny Kat



  2. I was so glad when I heard you all FINALLY got some rain! It has been so much cooler here and really is beginning to feel like fall. I celebrated yesterday's cooler weather by making a pot of chili!

    I love your fall favorite decorations..even better than Christmas!

    LOVE your boots! You will be stylin' !!!!