Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost Home

We did our "walk through" on the house yesterday. We tested lights, ran water, and marked paint errors. We were instructed on how to use the thermostats, security system, etc. Tom was totally overwhelmed by the sprinkler system. It even has a rain detector so it won't turn on during one of our Texas downpours like we had all this past week.

The construction manager has had a mental block on our request to put sliding glass doors on the bath upstairs and grabber bars in mom's bathroom. I can't tell you how many times we have reminded him. It's been on paper since March! He even marked the studs for the bars during our first walk through after it was framed. I guess once the sheet rock went up and he couldn't see the studs he forgot all about it.

On a second walk through I reminded him again and even got in the shower with him to show him what height to put the bar. You would think that would stick in his memory for a while. How many of his customers would do that? Oh maybe we don't need to go there.

We never could figure why he marked the studs with a big X. The bars don't go in until the tile is on. Maybe if he had put those marks in his notes he would remember better. Ya think?

So yesterday we made a little progress. He met us at the house carrying a grabber bar he just picked up. When I pointed out we asked for two bars, one in the shower and one to be put on the wall by the toilet (yes I sat on that toilet so he could mark the right place to put it) and that there were no sliding glass doors upstairs he said "You didn't tell me that!" Oh Help!

The wood floor and carpet are in. The carpet is covered with plastic so I didn't attempt a picture of it. Here you can see the wood and tile together. The tile looks pinkish in my pictures. It is more of a bone color. I'm lovin it.

One more walk through next Thursday before we close on Friday. We'll see if the missing parts are finally in place!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Traveling Man and the Green Line

The Dart Rail in Dallas is opening it's Green Line on September 14th. It will have a stop right by Baylor Hospital and another at Fair Park just in time for the State Fair of Texas.

Driving home one day I noticed a huge sculpture going up across from the rail line. I found out later what it was all about and thought I'd share it with you. The sculpture is called Traveling Man. He is seen at three different locations along the line and begins in Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is a warehouse district in Dallas. It is made up of restaurants, night clubs, artists and lots of graffiti. Business has been declining.

Is that David Caruso?

The Traveling Man concept was developed by some Deep Ellum artists. His design represents the community and it's hoped that now that the Dart Rail has been added it will bring people back. The tale is that an old steam train was buried near the intersection of Main Street and Good Latimer back before 1900. An elm tree grew nearby and it's roots grew close to the buried train. Somehow magically he was formed under ground. He communicates his thoughts with birds, they are his best friends. His wisdom comes from years of listening to all that happened on street level. Friday I went to each site to see him for myself.

Here he is coming up from the ground. "Awakening."

And here he is waiting on the train playing the guitar.

He stands 38 feet tall!

That's a lot of metal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Love My Counters

We are now in a flurry of pulling it all together before the big move. We close on the 25th of this month and I scheduled the movers for Monday the 28th. We use the Verizon bundle (internet, tv, and phone) and they can't set us up at the new house until the 29th, I surely did not want to go all weekend without any of those. One night is bad enough especially with all the new shows starting.

There is so much to remember to do. Cancelling service here and setting it up there. Changing addresses on everything. It's mind boggling. So Tom gets to do all that. I still have so much packing to do. I'm running out of space to put the boxes.

Everything is moving along at the house. Today they were putting in the sprinkler system and sod. They are supposed to put the wood floors in next week and finish up painting. I'm loving how it all is coming together. I really stressed over my kitchen counter tops. It's hard to envision the final picture looking at a 3 x 6 inch sample piece of granite. But I'm telling you I did good! I love my kitchen counters. I wish my picture did them justice.

You'll just have to come see them for yourself.