Sunday, September 13, 2009

Traveling Man and the Green Line

The Dart Rail in Dallas is opening it's Green Line on September 14th. It will have a stop right by Baylor Hospital and another at Fair Park just in time for the State Fair of Texas.

Driving home one day I noticed a huge sculpture going up across from the rail line. I found out later what it was all about and thought I'd share it with you. The sculpture is called Traveling Man. He is seen at three different locations along the line and begins in Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is a warehouse district in Dallas. It is made up of restaurants, night clubs, artists and lots of graffiti. Business has been declining.

Is that David Caruso?

The Traveling Man concept was developed by some Deep Ellum artists. His design represents the community and it's hoped that now that the Dart Rail has been added it will bring people back. The tale is that an old steam train was buried near the intersection of Main Street and Good Latimer back before 1900. An elm tree grew nearby and it's roots grew close to the buried train. Somehow magically he was formed under ground. He communicates his thoughts with birds, they are his best friends. His wisdom comes from years of listening to all that happened on street level. Friday I went to each site to see him for myself.

Here he is coming up from the ground. "Awakening."

And here he is waiting on the train playing the guitar.

He stands 38 feet tall!

That's a lot of metal.


  1. Oh, he's so cute! The kids are going to love that when we come next time. Glad the train will go to the zoo also, that was always strange that it didn't.

  2. How neat is that! Yes, I would definitely say that is A LOT of metal! Have a great day, Kathy!

  3. i think he looks like "gumby" p.s. this is your daughter!