Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New View

Tom and I moved into our house almost 26 years ago. We picked out the lot and came out weekly watching it being built, slowly turning into what would be our first home together. Here is a picture of me standing in the soon to be kitchen. I do believe this was after a perm I had done on the spur of the moment. It fried my hair so bad I looked like Roseanne Roseannadana (Gilda Radner character from Saturday Night Live.

Here is Tom standing in the framed bedroom.

We have always enjoyed living here, raising our children, making friends and many memories. I think the view is what kept us here so long. We are halfway down the #10 fairway of the golf course and it was so nice to sit outside and watch the golfers go by and not have an alley or a house right behind us.

A few weeks ago we decided we would all like to live together. That being Tom, me, Jackson, and my mother. There will be an extra room for Molly just in case. Our house is not big enough for us all so we started looking around. On a Thursday we found an area we like. Saturday we found the lot. Sunday we talked to a realtor about our house. A few days later we sold our house to the realtor's husband who is a builder. The plus on this is we came out ahead of what we were expecting to get and we can stay here until it's time to move into our new home. Everything has fallen into place so perfectly, like it's meant to be.

So now we are moving on to a different phase in our lives that I am really looking forward to. I'll have my mother with us and she'll have us. She just has to promise to make me a pie every once in a while. She is the best pie maker!

Our lot is on a golf course again. This time we won't see houses on the other side of the fairway. Instead there is a creek with lots of trees. The picture below was taken on a cloudy dingy day. I am standing on our lot, soon to be our new home, new view and new beginnings.

I am soooo excited!


  1. I am still in shock you guys are moving! That house holds many many memories from all of us girls growing up. We must say goodbye to that house properly with a nice little party :) Haha jk...I am so excited for you and Tom!! xoxox

  2. I'm so excited for you and your family.....I can't wait until you start decorating!!!!

  3. Wow! That is an awesome view! I love all the trees. I am so excited for you guys! We've been looking at old buildings downtown- Scott wants to buy one and live on the top floor. I am still dreaming of a farm so not sure where we'll go with that one! :) Keep us posted in pictures!
    (And Grandma does make the best pies!)

  4. We are so excited for all of you! Can't wait to see where you will be so we can learn the way to come and see ya!