Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall Into Christmas

I am in the midst of switching from "Fall" to "Christmas" decorations. I put very few fall items up, just enough to feel the season. I just love this ceramic pumpkin I picked up at Hobby Lobby at one of their 50 percent off sales. You Hobby Lobby shoppers know what I mean.

When the kids were little I used to decorate every room and corner in the house. It was overkill of red, green, tinsel and garland. As the years went by I cut back and went from 10+ boxes to 2 big green bins and a tree in a box that fit nicely in the garage and not up in the attic.

This year I'm just lightly skimming the surface with decorations.

I'm still trying to put things in place from our move here uh . . . 2 months ago! And NOPE, we do not have room for a car in the garage yet. (And Yes, I know that "and" does not belong at the beginning of a sentence. It's just how I talk.) I hope to get a little cooperation from the family decorating the tree today. They have been "cutting back" over the years on that job too. We'll see how it goes.

I've been very lax in posting lately. There has just been so much to do. I plan on getting back into the swing soon and have a major itch to redo my blog layout. Our computer did not make the move very well. The USB ports have pooped out, the DVD drive can't read and it doesn't recognized my camera or scanner. It makes it more of a job to post pics with pooped out ports! Ha!

Tom and I hit Fry's yesterday and picked up the "very last" computer on sale for $299. It was a fantastic deal. So this week I am transferring my pictures and documents via email to mom's computer for safe keeping. (It doesn't recognize the flash drive either.) We will then switch out computers and be back in business.

Have I said pooped out ports = pain in the popo?

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Miss Potty Mouth.


  1. Boy, do I ever need to downsize all my Christmas decorations to only 2 green bins. But it would be hazardous to Steve's health.....he would have a heart attack!! har har

  2. You are on the ball! I am wanting to decorate but dreading the trip to the attic...

  3. Cute decorations!!

    This is Natalie, I went to school with Molly. She and Vanessa started blogs (I have a food blog) and now I am finding other people's blogs!!