Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Response For Toohey

Because I found your comments rude and out of line I decided to answer your questions but only as they pertain to me.

Q. Does your family have a problem with black people?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. Do you have black friends and neighbors or do y'all live in gated, white-only communities?

A. Yes I have many black friends. My community is a mix of all races, is not gated and I am not going to run across the street and take a picture of my neighbor Shameika to post to my blog just to pacify you.

Q. The abject absence of black people in our lives.

A. There is no absence of black people in my life and never has been. Nor is there an absence of Asian, Hispanic, Muslin, gay, etc.

What you see on my blog (and I really don't write that much) is a microscopic piece of me. I am not sure how you came to your conclusions with so little information or why. Have you ever asked yourself why you are so focused on this issue? Also, why do you continue to read our blogs if this is a problem for you?

Am I prejudiced? Yes, I'm prejudiced of mean people. I'm prejudiced of people who hurt people, children or animals physically or with words. I'm prejudiced of people who judge people because of their race, creed or color or just not having all the facts about who they are.

As far as Kelly goes: I see her blog as focused on her family, friends and God. She has the biggest heart and shares her day to day events and beliefs with all people. No colors are exempted, you just didn't look close enough. Maybe your own prejudices are getting in the way.

I could have ignored this as nonsense but I'm not one to let things go. Yes I am a compassionate person. It has to do with how I was raised, the many places I have lived, the experiences I have had and the many wonderful friends (all colors) I made along the way. You may or may not see pictures of them on my blog. It all depends on what I choose to write about. I'm not doing this for your or anyone else's entertainment. It's for mine.


Why don't you tell us about yourself?

Do you have a blog?

I'd love to see the pictures.


  1. I couldn't have said it better!

  2. Just came across your blog...and GOOD FOR YOU! I follow Kelly's blog as well and think she is just so inspiring. I'm happy you responded to that persons extremely rude comments. I went and read the comment and noticed that the person has a blocked profile. What are they afraid of, or hiding from? HA!

    You have a sweet blog by the way!:)

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  4. This woman is scary. She is someone to avoid and I would get a restraining order. I think she could be dangerous. Please be careful and talk to Kelly too. I am very concerned.

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  6. call yourself a Christian...I don't think so. Christians don't treat people this way.

    Kath and Kelly, please block this person from your blog...I'm sure you already have. He or she is very sick and needs help.

    One more don't think you can be traced....wrong...already on the trail...I'd think twice about what you write from this point on.

  7. toohey is CRAZY! Please be careful! I think she needs to be back on her meds!

  8. I believe Toohey has a little too much time on his or her hands. Sounds to me like she or he is trying to ruffle some feathers....she or he isn't doing these things...he or she only knows these places because she or he has read Kelly's blog and found out these "little details". really do need to get a're just going to get blocked...which I'm sure you will just find someone else's blog and bug them. I feel sorry for you...poor thing.

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  10. I am a first time reader of your blog and am coming over from Kelly's Korner. I would not even have given a response to such ludacris allegations from Toohey. Since you did, good for you. They were great!

    Keep it up and move on!!

  11. Just happened upon your blog from Kelly's Korner. Am a first time reader w/you. WOW... cannot believe people are behaving this way! Good job on this post!

  12. I read Kelly's blog all of the time, and I am in awe of her devotion to God, to her husband, and to her child. She is also devoted to helping those less fortunate - case in point would be her work with Compassion, but I can only imagine everything else she does that she doesn't blog about. Okay, how about having Harper's party as a benefit for the RM House? She is amazing, and so many of us are drawn to her beautiful insight and incredible optimism. Please, do not be discouraged by this person. Just pray for this person - I do not know Kellly at all, but I imagine that is what she would like us to do. I know in my heart and from her blog that Kelly would love a person who was purple with 89 heads. Thank you for having the courage to address this person. Warmest wishes from Maryland.

    ~Jenny in MD

  13. Funny that Toohey hasn't seen a "single black person" on Kelly's blog...Go to the month of November 2009. Kelly has posted pictures of her friend's family where the husband is black and they have 2 children. I wonder if the interracial marriage bothers Toohey as well? Geesh...people like Toohey are what keeps racism and prejudice going today.

  14. I'm just a reader but I am glad you called this person out. I also noticed she bashed someone else in another blog so she is making the rounds thats for sure.

  15. I just hopped over from Kelly's blog, I only have one thing to say...Good for you! Good for you that you called Toohey out. His/Her comment was uncalled for.