Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting On The Snow

It's raining.

Two days ago it was almost 70 degrees.

We are waiting on the "Arctic Chill" or "Blue Norther" as we call it here.

The greens have been covered with tarps.

In preparation for the snow that is supposed to start around noon.  The temperature has dropped to 33 so I'm expecting to see some snowflakes soon.


Actually I dropped my camera on the kitchen tile this morning and broke part of the flash.  I wanted to see if it still worked.  It does!

While I was testing it out mom spilt her coffee on the Sunday paper. 

We blamed it on the paper boy.

This klutz curse is in our genes.

One time I knocked my glass of water into my dad's dinner plate.

He didn't even blink or say a bad word.

It's that common.

On my first date with Tom at the movies.

I dropped my biggy coke.

He didn't even blink.

He got up and left.

I thought forever.

But he came back with another coke.

We were married 4 months later!


It's Snowing!

Meet my new neighbor Hootie

We're still in the getting to know you stage.



  1. Love the klutz story with Tom!!

    Wow! Love the snow pictures. We are suppose to get some tonight and tomorrow. You never know...we just have to wait and see HOW much!

    But it is COLD.....Brrrrrrr Cold here today!

  2. Yes, it's in our genes! We are still snowing here! School texted it's officially closed so kids are happy. Does Hootie come with Blowfish? :)
    We were playing on the playground on the river yesterday and the temp dropped 20 degrees in 2 hrs!