Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Bowl Fever

You remember when O J was being chased by the police down that long highway in California for what seemed like days?  That's all that was on TV his white SUV and lots of police cars and lights flashing.  Yesterday was kind of like that here only it was the arrival of Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.  We watched their jets land, then they got on coach buses.  They were greeted by lots of fans, police and we watched their journey to their hotels escorted by a police motorcade...All Day!

Super Bowl fever started here in Dallas about 360 days ago.  The news has been inundated with the preparation of it and quite frankly it's gotten really old.  The Dallas Morning News website has had this timer on their home page I think since January 1st last year.  The picture is not an accurate time as I took it a couple of days ago but you get the idea right?

On Sunday there was a whole section in the newspaper devoted to the many "expensive" parties and events going on this week.  Seriously if you can afford to buy a game ticket for $1,000 and pay $500 for parking you might as well buy a helmet for $453.99.

I really want to know who set that price.  Not $450.00 or $455.00 but $453.99.

Now don't get me wrong.  We really are excited about hosting the Super Bowl here.  We just wish the news stations would lighten up a little about it. 

So, as 300,000 extra people arrive in our city I will be tailgating along with the rest of them.  Only "my tail" will be in the recliner munching on snacks in the warmth of my house.  Watching what is really important. 

The commercials!

In second place.
Grainy but so funny.

And my all time very 1st favorite is............................

Just Love It.

So what ever floats your boat, game or commercials it will be here in:
5 Days
10 Hours
15 Minutes
31 Seconds


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  1. Kathy...I will be joining with you in the comfort of my own home, too! Those football fans can be CRAZY! My brother-in-law is a HUGE Steelers fan, so I know firsthand! Like you, I think the commercials are the best part!