Sunday, October 12, 2008

No More Garage Sales!

This weekend I had my "last garage sale". I have been trying to get to this for over a year and I must say the weather was perfect for it. Thursday I worked my tail off getting everything out of boxes and set up. The preparation is the worst part. I started the sale Friday morning and had a somewhat steady stream of customers until about noon. I closed up for the day about 2 pm. My husband Tom promised not to stand by the ab exerciser below.

In fact the lady who bought it asked me who used it? Ha! I'm sure she didn't think it did me any good either. I told her my son used it, which is true kind of. She asked me why he didn't want it anymore and I told her he didn't need it because he was involved in a lot of sports now. By the way Jackson had his first swim meet yesterday and won first place in the 100 meter free-style against 5 other schools!

If you need exercise equipment it's probably best to buy it at a garage sale. Most of the time it hasn't been used very much. The exercise bike was my Dad's. He did use it but it was too hard for him to get on and off of.

I opened again Saturday morning and had just a trickling of people come by so I ended up closing about noon. It was Texas - OU weekend in Dallas, plus the State Fair is going on. How about that Texas win!

My cat Rosie has always loved garage sales! Despite being 18 years old and disguised as an overgrown rat, she still attended. I had a lot left over and took a load to Goodwill yesterday afternoon, the rest is being picked up by the animal adoption center on Wednesday. I have a few collectibles that I just can't give away so I am going to put them on Ebay. I am now retiring from having sales and instead will go to them. You never know what little treasure you might find.

My friend Carol and I have had many garage sales together, some successful and some not. Carol loves to tell the story of how she went home with everything she had left in one little shoebox. (Now that's a successful garage sale!) This one I did on my own and it was just not the same.

Doing one by yourself is just not as fun. I missed you girlfriend!


  1. Congrats on having your garage sale and it being OVER!! I hate to do the pre-sale stuff! I have a garage full of stuff somebody needs......just hate sorting. I did take 8 huge garbage sacks full of clothes to a hospital auxil. house for them to sale. That felt good! Now for the 65 bags of stuff that still remains......ugh!

  2. I can't tell you the times I've proclaimed, "Never will I have another garage sale as long as I live!" It's just too much work, especially for what you get out of it. Then, you have those people who come knocking about two hours before you're even open for business. I just don't have the time or the patience anymore! All of our "stuff" goes straight to Good Will.

    Congrats on your son's great performance at his swim meet! I know you must be so proud of him!