Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blankees or Whatever Works

My favorite time to blog is early mornings when everyone else is still asleep. Unfortunately I have become more of a reader instead of a writer. It's hard to be creative when you have a zillion other things on your mind. One of the things that has kept me so occupied is going through drawers, closets, shelves, etc., in my house. I tackled a big linen closet the other day and after pulling out a dozen old comforters and blankets, I came across Jackson's 2 blankets (I'll explain that in a minute) that I had put away years ago. My discovery along with Kelly's quest for Harper to find a special soothy, inspired me to write about blankets also known as softies, blankees, or bankies in my house. Both my children used theirs forever!

Molly's was more like a sheet. You have to look closely to see it because it resembles her PJ's. It is tucked underneath her chin in this picture.

Because it was cloth it became thin and tore easily after many washings. I painstakingly sewed each rip back together trying to keep it in one piece. Yes I still have it.

Jackson's was a soft white one. He was much more attached to his than Molly was to hers. It went everywhere he went. You can see in this picture that it's already about worn out.

Heading to Arkansas for a family visit I realized about an hour down the road that we had left Jackson's blanket at home. When we stopped for breakfast we broke the news to him. I will never forget the look on his face or his response. He looked at us like we were aliens from outer space and his nervous laugh was all we needed to know he was thinking "you had better be kidding me". I told him not to worry. There is a Walmart across the street and we are going to go buy you "Travel Blankee". It actually worked, but the minute we got home he grabbed his old one and travel blankee was never used again. Thus the 2 blankets in the closet.

Molly gave hers up when she was about 6 and Jackson's eventually disintegrated into a couple of balls of fuzzy yarn.

They were a comfort to us all while they lasted.


  1. I love this post! Kelly loved the satin lining on a white baby blanket and Chris got attached to a "real Cloth" diaper and carried it around forever. It was his "softee". I still have it somewhere.(That would require us moving again just to look in the boxes in the garage for his softee!!)

    Love the pictures of Molly and Jackson.....

  2. Only Em ever had a "softee" per se. It was a eyelet pillowcase and she called it her "Cold Pillow." I think it got eaten by the washing machine when she was about 7. She asked me about it last week!
    Max had an animal he had to have but that didn't last long.
    Jac has a couple of bears he likes but not necessaries like Mr. Cold Pillow was. :)