Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

This Memorial Day has a very special meaning to me. It is the first Memorial Day without my father and it has painfully pressed on a very tender place in my heart. It is very difficult to explain how I truly feel to you, especially when I am having such a difficult time trying to compose myself long enough to write this. I just know that I feel very lucky and extremely proud that he was my father. I feel so fortunate that I was part of a military life and the pride it instilled in me for my country. Yes, the Star Spangled Banner makes me cry. My family was blessed because he was able to spend 32 years serving his country and he retired and lived to be 86 years old. So many of our soldiers do not. This day is about them.

My Uncle Warren sent me a CD with a powerpoint slide show of my dad's graveside ceremony. I wanted to post it here but have not been able to condense the file. Here are a few pictures from it.

Handing my mother the flag.

Mom and I went to the cemetery this morning. There were flags everywhere. It was quite a sight to see. This was the first time I had seen the marker since it was put down.

I have many military pictures of him. I like this one. I wish it was a little clearer. It's how I like to remember him. You can tell he is teasing the person taking the picture. He teased everyone! His smile, his stance, the white hair and tan. A soldier.

That's my dad!


  1. aww Mom!!! (its your daughter... if couldn't already tell) I miss him too!!!!! I agree with Aunt Judy.... this is a great post!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Okay, you made me cry!
    He was an amazing guy. I love that pic of him. What a smile.
    I was thinking about the military history museum here at MacArthur park and thought if Grandma had any military things of Popie's she wants to part with they would probably love to get them. Just a thought.
    I love you, Tia! :)