Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Last 2 Weeks In June

We finally made it thanks to these guys!

Such a professional and pleasant group of guys. They had us packed up at mom's in two hours and into my house by 12:30. Mom said in all her moves (even overseas) she had never seen them take such great care of her furniture. They wrapped pretty much every piece in blankets and plastic wrap. I highly recommend them if you're in the Dallas area.

My house looks like a furniture outlet store but with a little rearranging each day gets a little better. Here are a couple of pictures inside at it's worst.

The garage is not too bad. We actually have a path to the back of it.

These last two weeks have been so busy for us with all the packing and the heat was relentless. It seemed that every day brought us something unexpected to deal with. We had to have the ground lowered on one side of the house because it was over the foundation. After they repaired that and put in new sod we found out the sprinkler system had sprung a leak. The gardener was able to fix that after digging about 3 feet into the ground through a lot of tree roots.

Cleaning off a shelf in the garage I picked up a gallon jug of drain cleaner which was so old it cracked in half and went all over the floor. I tried paper towels but it was too big of a spill so I decided to hose it out. Well the floor of the garage slants in toward the house so the water just kept coming back in. Sweeping it out wouldn't work either. I called Tom to bring the blower out and we were finally able to get it out. What a fiasco that was.

On Saturday while cleaning the house after the move we found out one of the faucets to the washing machine was broken and could not be turned off. It had to be capped and we were able to have a plumber come fix it 3 hours before we closed on the house.

These are just a few of the highlights. I will not go into detail about the fools we dealt with at the title company or my daughter having another car wreck (she's fine). I even polled the firemen to see if they were married. I told them I had a beautiful daughter who needed a husband with good car insurance.

The worst is over, the heat is gone temporarily, we have learned from this 1st move enormously and if you're looking for mom she's with me.

We are all quite happy about that!


  1. HAHAHA "a husband with good car insurance". Oh Molly...

  2. Poor Molly! Glad she's okay. Glad you're looking out for her. If you see any cute ones about my mom's age hook her up too while you're at it! :)
    Your place really doesn't look as crazy as I expected with two houses to combine. Send pics of the house progress soon!
    Love you guys,