Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Birthdays

This month we celebrated 2 birthdays. Of course the most important of all was my son Jackson. He was 19 which also happened to be on the 19th, or Juneteenth as it is called in Texas. It's hard to believe that this will be the last of his teen years! We celebrated at the Texas Roadhouse. Delicious food and fun atmosphere with peanut barrels at every table and shells all over the floor.

I made cupcakes but by the time we stuffed our faces with steak and potatoes there was no room left for cake.

I just realized how pitiful this cupcake looks. I could have at least picked one that wasn't lopsided.

Rosie one of our cats was 20 on June 1st. She refused to look at the camera. But tolerated her birthday hat I made her.

Look who else wore the hat after his sister forced talked him into it.

Charlie felt a little left out so we took his picture too.

Doesn't he look happy now!

I've been trying to catch Rosie on video because she has started this crazy howling.  I think she likes to hear herself talk!  This is my attempt at a video and please try to get past all my baby talk.  It's just for fun.


  1. I can't believe Jackson is 19...time just gets away too quickly! Rosie look pretty good for an old gal!! Happy Birthday to them both!!

  2. I didn't know Rosie was older than Jackson! I remember him learning to walk at our wedding...makes me feel old! That is an adorable video. Happy birthday to my cute cousin and sweet little Rosie!

  3. happy birthday to them both!