Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures of Pictures

I have been very slow about putting pictures on the walls in our home.  Partly because I didn't want to put a hole in the wall ( I worked hard to get the right color of paint)  and I wanted to be sure I put something up I loved and not to just put something up. 

We have a very long entryway. 

On one side is my mothers buffet and a bookcase with family pictures.

The opposite wall has been bare since we moved in.  I finally decided to put some pictures of us up.  I used our wedding picture, 2 favorite pictures of the kids and their graduation pictures.  I put them all in identical frames and between me and Tom we were able to hang them evenly and straight.  The straight was the hard part.  The frames were inexpensive and the brackets on the back of them were not in the same place on the frames.  This called for a lot of measuring and eyeballing.  I have to credit Tom for having good eyes.  He did a great job.

Side View

Front View

Further down is a painting of Princes Lilywalkalina

She was in the entryway of my mom and dad's home.

I've always loved this picture because:

My Grandma Kelly used to call me Princess Lilywalkalina

My Grandpa Martin told us grand kids we had Cherokee blood in us.

When Jackson was little he looked at this picture and said "Mama".

This is really weird.  I just realized that while I am writing this I have my hair in braids for the first time in 24 years. (Trying for the summer wave instead of my normal Rosanne Rosanna Dan frizz.  To top this off I spilt a whole container of cornmeal all over the kitchen counter and floor this morning.  Whoa!

I swear this true!

Call my mom if you don't believe me.

Don't ask Tom.  He didn't notice.

I always knew I was supposed to be born a princess.


  1. You did a great job getting all those pictures in a row so evenly. I usually just "eye-ball" measure instead of doing the real measuring!! Lazy, I guess!

    Looks great! Love to see the braids!!

  2. Tom didn't notice them until after he read my blog. Ha!

  3. You are funny! I am SOOOO happy you have the indian princess painting hanging up! I would hate for that to have gone to waste. I always think of that picture when I think of Grandma and poppie's house. Poppie always told us it was our great great grandmother!
    And I'm laughing that Jackson called her momma!

  4. Love the pics...they turned out great!
    I'm with Kelly...we need to see a picture with you and your Cherokee braids!


  5. You ARE a princess, Tia Lilywakalaina! :)