Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unwanted Paw Prints

Yesterday I stepped out on the front porch and saw large paw prints.

I have seen large paw prints in the dirt around the house before.  I saw a bobcat behind our house one morning and I know coyotes wander the creekbed.  There are always reports of missing small animals and between the above mentioned critters and the hawks it's why I keep my cats cat inside. 

When I saw them on the front porch I checked the lot next door for prints.

Behold!  There were many.

And on the porch.  I think I know what it was interested in.


Ceramic replicas of my cats.  Rosie, Charlie and Skipper.  I used to have a halo on Skippers head and of course Charlie needs one now. 

I'm weird that way.

No meal for you Mr. Evil predator whatever you are.


  1. Yikes!!!!! I think you all as being "city" ! We probably don't have on our front steps ever!!! LOL

  2. Oh my! Boo to Mr Evil Predator.