Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dressing

A few Easter pictures.

Molly about 18 months old.  I love this picture.

I think she was about 3 and a half in the picture below.  I love the dress and pink bows in her curly hair.
That was probably the last time she let me comb it.

Us Pre-Jackson
She was quite a mess that day. 
Sugar overload probably. 
I know my dad took her outside for a walk because she kept playing with her hat and putting it on backwards.


Here is Jackson at the annual Easter egg hunt. 
Barney shirt and shoes.
I sure miss all the pudge on this little guy or "Big Guy" as Tom has always called him.

Pudge is gone. 
You would think that the Sonic tie I bought him would make him happy. 
We were at brunch at the club. 
Probably no chicken nuggets to be found.

So tell me what in the world was I thinking here? 
I have no clue where we were headed but
by golly they were going to standout in the crowd!

It makes me laugh a lot.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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