Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do You Vote?

I am soooo ready for the reality shows that I've been watching to be over.  I know I don't have to watch them but once you start it's like a bad habit.  It's hard to stop.  So I have decided not to start with any new ones at least until the fall.  Bring on something calm and entertaining to enjoy like Warehouse 13.

Right now I'm watching:

The Apprentice

Gary Busey, all I can say is Bless His Heart.

I am so glad "The Mean Girls" Nene and Star went home. 

My Pick:  Marlee Matlin 
She smart, sharp and deaf.  I identify with her.  Ha!

Dancing With The Stars

I have to admit I'm more into watching the professional guys dance than the stars.  They are amazing.
Kirstie Alley - I admire your tenacity
Karate Kid - My 2nd Choice
Chelsey - Will probably win it
Max - You're my 1st choice always!

American Idol

I thinks it's going to come down to James and Haley.  I have a real soft spot in my heart for James because of all the obstacles he has to deal with and he has such a tender heart.  I'm just not in to scream singing.  Haley on the other hand, I just love her voice.  It's different and jazzy.  Scotty has a good country voice but his facial gestures turn me off.  They are comical and remind me of this.

What really annoys me is the voting process for American Idol.  I have heard many of the multiple votes are computer generated.  I am not going to try and compete with a zillion teens who have the time and unbelievable dexterous fingers to text their votes a million times.  I think the process is wrong and just one vote per person should be adequate.  It works for elections right? 


My favorite
If I was allowed to vote it would be for Boston Rob
and yes I would probably do it a zillion times.
I think he should be on every survivor.

So do you vote?  I'm just curious.


  1. I don't watch any of the shows except American Idol!
    I think each one of the last few has a big career ahead of them but I happen to like Lauren and Scotty as a duo! They could be like Dolly and Kenny Rogers!! ha

    I think James is good and Haley is great! So really, any of them is good for me. i don't think my little vote would change I don't vote. The last time we voted it was for Carrie Underwood...I wanted her to win so bad! And I think we might have voted for Chris Allen since he's an Arkie!!

    After Amazing Race and AI are over....I'm done with TV for the summer!!

    I still miss "24" !!!

  2. Hi Kathy!
    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I know we'll get through this trying time...we just have to be patient!

    I can't believe that James got the boot on AI! Though I don't really like his style of singing, like you, I so admire him for his courage and for what he's had to face in life. It's so funny you mentioned that about Scotty...that's exactly what I thought when I first saw him!