Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family 4th

I'm at the tail end for posting about our family visit this past weekend.  I thought I had taken quite a few pictures but when I uploaded my photos I had about 7.  I cannot compete with this paparazzi family of mine.

I was so excited to see them all especially these two little munchkins.


When Harper Met Suzie

There was a lot of visiting going on.

Kelly, Hollis and Molly

And of course a lot of picture taking

I love this of mom and Hollis

I have to show you something funny.  This family is so photogenic it's unreal.  They do not take bad pictures ever unless they don't know you are taking their picture, like this.  And even then it's not bad.


But all you have to do is get their attention, point the camera and say cheese and voila!


I need to take lessons.

We are so glad you came.  Love you all!


  1. SO funny! Thank you again....we had so much fun! i think my favorite part was Harper's totally fixation on Suzie!! If only Susie could talk...she's been through many little girls! She could write a "tell all" book!!

  2. Suzie has sure given us all a lot of fun! Glad to see she's still around! :) Looks like a fun time. Love you all!

  3. Those last two pictures are a riot. But what a beautiful bunch of people for sure. :)