Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summertime Blues and Videos

I hate the hot Texas summers especially when we haven't had any rain for what seems like 150 days.  Yesterday the high was 103 but it was cloudy with a mild breeze and it actually was tolerable.  The trees me and grass are starting to look stressed.  My poor flowers and me are just hanging on.  They are wind beaten and burnt from the constant sun. 

I tell myself everyday that I'm not going to complain.  After all I live in the age of air conditioning.  I'm fortunate to work and live in comfort unlike the poor souls that are building the house next door from 7 to 7 in searing, unrelenting heat.  They deserve every penny they make and a whole lot more. 

I don't want to see the weather forecast on TV because it's depressing.

Our past, present and future.

Do you see that little teaser for Monday the 18th.  That was yesterdays forecast.  Today it's gone.  I'm even ready to see Pete Delkus (our weatherman) come on the news without his jacket on.  You have to live here to understand but when Pete takes his jacket off every show you want to see for the rest of the night is going to be pre-empted because of severe weather.   The man is serious about rain even if it's only in Alabama.

So in my quest to keep my sanity for the next 3 months.  (Our summers last a long time).  I'm making a list of indoor projects to do.  One is transferring family VHS tapes to DVD.  After four hours I finally figured out that part.  I even watched the DVD on the computer and that worked too.  It's what happens after I save the DVD to my hard drive.  Let's just say it becomes a complicated mess of "What the heck are all these files and why are they chopped up in thumbnails?" 

If anyone out there has any information they can pass on like a website or book that I can look at that explains "transferring videos simply to your computer for dummies," I would really appreciate it. 

Meanwhile, stay cool and pray for Pete rain!


  1. I need to do that too. Scott got me something to transfer them and I haven't tried it yet. Great summer project. Ours is still fixing the rent house. Installed the cabinets and floors but still have to do the backsplashes (tile) and get countertops.... fun.

  2. Oh my, what heat! My best friend moved to Texas a couple of years back and she says the summers are so tough. I hope y'all get rain before too long.