Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 Things

My daughter is headed to New Orleans today for a bachelorette party weekend.  I'm so excited for her because I just love N.O.  When Tom and I were first married he was working on a long audit in N.O.  He would come home on the weekends and occasionally I made several trips there.  It was fun times and the food is fabulous.  This is her first time to go so we gave her lots of advice and warnings before she left. 

She had a long week at school.  The kids were taking the dreaded TAKS test and it was very stressful for her and especially them.  Don't get me started on what I thinks about this test!  Anyway I decided to give her a top 10 for her trip to N.O.  Here's how the string of messages went.  I thought it was funny.


Hows it going baby girl?

Sorry I haven't called...I've been exhausted...

You need to rest before your fun trip!!!

1.  Take and wear comfortable shoes.  You will be on your feet and walking or dancing all the time.

2.  If you drink toooo much you will feel really bad the next day.

3.  It will rain, it always does.  Play in it.

4.  You will see some really crazy people at night.  They talk to themselves and people you can't see.

5.  Eat.  New Orleans has the best food.

6.  Con Air guy is there filming a movie  He got arrested for public intoxication.  Bahaha.  In New Orleans?

7.  There are some bad things in shop windows.  Do not look at them.

8.  Don't wait to go to the potty.  There is always a line.

9.  Stay together and hold hands.

10.  I love you!!

I love you too!!!
 WE love you!!!

Me and T in New Orleans on Saint Patricks Day 1983. 
My hair had been perm fried.
The St. Pat's headband helped.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Dressing

A few Easter pictures.

Molly about 18 months old.  I love this picture.

I think she was about 3 and a half in the picture below.  I love the dress and pink bows in her curly hair.
That was probably the last time she let me comb it.

Us Pre-Jackson
She was quite a mess that day. 
Sugar overload probably. 
I know my dad took her outside for a walk because she kept playing with her hat and putting it on backwards.


Here is Jackson at the annual Easter egg hunt. 
Barney shirt and shoes.
I sure miss all the pudge on this little guy or "Big Guy" as Tom has always called him.

Pudge is gone. 
You would think that the Sonic tie I bought him would make him happy. 
We were at brunch at the club. 
Probably no chicken nuggets to be found.

So tell me what in the world was I thinking here? 
I have no clue where we were headed but
by golly they were going to standout in the crowd!

It makes me laugh a lot.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rag Wreath and Blue Bonnets

I finished the garland.  It was very easy to make and could actually be finished in a day but I can't sit still for very long.  Once you figure out pattern of your ribbon, it's just a matter of tying it on the cord.

I put it on my old Hoosier.

I think I like it.  I know I love the white rose strip the most. 

I'm thinking of all the possibilities for a Christmas one now.

On another note, it's Blue Bonnet time in Texas.  We have not had much rain and the Bonnets are not as pretty as they were last year but I found this field of them not far from our home.

A little closer.

Love the color.

Happy Day!