Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little History about Little Star

Years ago my mother gave me this little star.  All I knew was that it was given to my Great Grandparents when their son, Lewis Blodgett was killed during World War I.

This weekend I did some research to see if I could find more information about him.  I knew that he was the first born of 9, my grandmother's oldest brother.  He enlisted in the United States Marines in 1914.  He wasn't married.

I found this article which describes how his parents were notified by telegram that he had died in battle on October 4th 1918.  It states that he had written to his parents eight days before his death that he expected to be home in December.

I'm not sure what this form was used for but it gave a little more information.  He was a skilled mechanic.

This is a "Muster Roll".  The text is illegible so I will write what it says next to his name.

"4 Killed in action in line of duty and not the result of soldier's own misconduct.  Cause of death GSW (Gun Shot Wound).  Site of burial and grave number unknown.  Buried in the vicinity of St. Etienne France.  Would have been awarded Character Excellent had he been discharged."

I found a picture of a gravestone.  It's in a cemetery in Folsom, California. 

Next to the picture is this information.

Death: Oct. 4, 1918, France
Private Blodgett - United States Marine Corp. 6th Regiment, Division 2 - was killed in action in France.
Lewis J. Blodgett - American Legion Post 362 in Folsom, California is named in honor of Private Blodgett.

Now I know a little more about the soldier behind the star.  Today is a good day to honor him and all the other heroes who have fought and died for our country. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do You Vote?

I am soooo ready for the reality shows that I've been watching to be over.  I know I don't have to watch them but once you start it's like a bad habit.  It's hard to stop.  So I have decided not to start with any new ones at least until the fall.  Bring on something calm and entertaining to enjoy like Warehouse 13.

Right now I'm watching:

The Apprentice

Gary Busey, all I can say is Bless His Heart.

I am so glad "The Mean Girls" Nene and Star went home. 

My Pick:  Marlee Matlin 
She smart, sharp and deaf.  I identify with her.  Ha!

Dancing With The Stars

I have to admit I'm more into watching the professional guys dance than the stars.  They are amazing.
Kirstie Alley - I admire your tenacity
Karate Kid - My 2nd Choice
Chelsey - Will probably win it
Max - You're my 1st choice always!

American Idol

I thinks it's going to come down to James and Haley.  I have a real soft spot in my heart for James because of all the obstacles he has to deal with and he has such a tender heart.  I'm just not in to scream singing.  Haley on the other hand, I just love her voice.  It's different and jazzy.  Scotty has a good country voice but his facial gestures turn me off.  They are comical and remind me of this.

What really annoys me is the voting process for American Idol.  I have heard many of the multiple votes are computer generated.  I am not going to try and compete with a zillion teens who have the time and unbelievable dexterous fingers to text their votes a million times.  I think the process is wrong and just one vote per person should be adequate.  It works for elections right? 


My favorite
If I was allowed to vote it would be for Boston Rob
and yes I would probably do it a zillion times.
I think he should be on every survivor.

So do you vote?  I'm just curious.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

A beautiful young lady

Became a beautiful young woman

And married a handsome young soldier

And became the most wonderful mother.

And we grew..

And grew...

and grew...

and grew some more...

and then we exploded!

We are so thankful to have you. 
You bring us so much joy, laughter, wisdom, and love every day.

Beautiful Inside and Out
We Love You Dearly
Happy Mother's Day - Every Day!