Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Slump

Every year I plant the same summer annuals.  Vinca. 

They miraculously survive the Texas summer heat as long as you give them a gallon of water every other day.  I always choose the red and white.  They look great in red planters sitting on top of two large green ceramic elephants that my father bought in Vietnam that guard our house on the back porch. 

The white variety is really the prettiest especially up close.

Actually I just wanted to post a picture to replace the July 4th American Flag.

The truth is...

I am in a summer slump.
It happens every August when it gets really hot!
I don't feel like doing anything.
My To Do list keeps getting longer.
And I can't bring myself to blog much.
My daughter is in San Diego.
My best bud from work left and went to work at another hospital.
I have a fever blister the size of Texas on my lip.

I will snap out of it in a couple of weeks when September rolls around and the promise of fall is on the horizon.



  1. Your flowers looks much is your water bill...LOL!!!!!
    Everything here has looked pretty much dead all summer cause it has been unseasonably hot and dry for so long. I can't have blooming plants 'cause they are "dinner" for our deer!

    I have been in a bloggy slump and need to get back to it! Soon.....
    I will see you all a week from today! Lord willing and the creek don't rise....and looks like the creek ain't going to rise this summer!!

    Sorry about that fever blister! Those hurt!

  2. Don't be down my sweet friend! I miss you too!!! We need to do lunch again real soon!! Love you bunches!!!

  3. Have you done any research on the elephant plant stands, I have the EXACT same set. Ive been looking all over the internet to try and figure out the cost to see if i should insure them but haven't been able to find anything.

    1. I apologize for not answering sooner, I havent checked my comments for a while and was thrilled to see some! My mother thinks he paid about $50.00 for each. I googled them and found someone in the phillipines selling a pair for what converted to 2,240.00 US dollars. I'm not sure how accurate that is but will keep digging. If I find more information I'll let your know. I do know they are very durable. They have been outside for over 25 years. Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. Beautiful! Don't put the vinca in the ground though, I have some I planted and it took over! I love the white one- haven't seen that before. Love you guys!

    1. Oops I did put some in the ground and they are doing better than what I put in the pots. There really pretty but I figure when the cold hits they will die.