Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Armadillo Invasion

Courtesy of Yahoo

I've never had problems with Armadillos before.  The only ones I can remember encountering had already met their demise on the road.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed something had been digging in my neighbors yard.  The grass was pulled up and there were large holes all around.  I figured some kind of animal had been digging.  After researching and putting it out on our homeowners facebook page I found out the digging culprits were armadillos.

They started attacking our yard.  They dug under our backyard fence.

I put my rubber chicken to guard their new entrance.  It lasted one night.

Alas, pushed to the side.

Lots of holes in the yard.

The front flower bed is a major crime scene.
My poor kitty.

We treated for grubs because that's what armadillos like to eat.  My neighbor threw out mothballs.  One or the other worked because my neighbor found a dead armadillo in his yard and I am assuming it may have ingested mothballs or over ate grub granules.  We have been "hole free" for a couple of days now.

I've been trying to finish this blog for a few days.  All of a sudden I can't upload pictures.  I'm quite tired of fooling with it.  So this is the end. 

PS if you have a clue as to why I'm getting "Upload Failed Server Returned Invalid Response".  Let me know. 

Annoyed in Texas


  1. Oh my! He really did a number! Like your guard chicken! :)

  2. We have an armadillo that lives under our house. You can hear it running into the pipes and beams all the time. It is really annoying. Luckily she has left our yard alone lately but has dug a new hole under the front yard fence. Last year we had Mom and three babes but several of them met an early demise. I can't stand these critters but on the other hand, they are better than skunks. We have also had those under our house and let me tell you it was not a treat!!

  3. We have lots of armadillos in our neck of the woods. Arkansas didn't use to have them but they heard how pretty it was up here in the mountains and roamed up here from Texas!! Your brother shot at a little herd and scared them off. Then he shot one in the front of our house and it took about 6 bullets before it left this world! And they flop around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

    Is that TMI??? I am scared of them but I would rather have them around than skunks anyway!!

    Love your guard chicken!!! LOL!!!

  4. Funny. I am currently writing a similar post. So far this fall I have replanted my pansies, tulips and daffodil at least 4 times! The grub bait has been out, but the armadillos are still around. It's the death trap this week for sure!