Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall-ing into Christmas

I don't usually plant winter annuals but this year I decided to put in Pansy's.  They are so colorful and hardy and it was time for the Armadillo pic to go.
Decades is the theme these days.  On November 13th Tom and I celebrated our 30th anniversary.
This was taken 30 years ago in October at a Chile cook off and it was the first time he met my parents.
On December 6th my mother will celebrate her 90th birthday!
 I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week which makes Christmas just around the corner.  I'm making a ribbon garland for my mantle.  I wanted something colorful and whimsical.  Here it is in the making.

We have some family coming soon to visit and a daughter that I haven't seen in over 6 months so I want to get my Christmas decorations up early.  It just makes it more festive.

50 years ago for Christmas Santa brought me a doll named Susie.  My nieces, nephews and my own children have played with her through the years.  I have decided to pull her out of the closet and give her a makeover for Christmas.  I found the cutest Christmas outfit to put on her.  We have three little munchkins coming to visit and I want her to look a little more updated.  I'll post before and after pics on this soon.

Whimsical is a word right?


  1. You have to post pics of Susie! I love the ribbon garland. I'm going to have to try that! Wish we could come wish grandma a happy birthday, but it's Nutcracker that week. Maybe soon after! Happy anniversary to you and tio Tom!

  2. Love the picture of you and Tom when you were young...aawwwwww So sweet! Congrats on 30 years! Time flies when you're having fun! Such a wonderful picture of Shirley! Can't wait to see you all!

    I would love to get a picture of Susie,You,Kelly, Harper, Hollis and Baby C all together!
    "The Girls Who Love Susie" I expect Hollis and C will love to play with her too!