Friday, April 26, 2013

Me A-Z

Wow am I behind posting!  Time has a way of spinning past me so fast the older I get.   I can't seem to knock everything off of my to do lists and then I stress about not getting anything done and the more I stress the less I get done.  I've also been in a slump for awhile.  I lost one of my best friends. It was a shock and I miss her. 

So in order to jump start myself again I thought I would do a post.  I saw someone else use the Me A-Z and thought it would be kind of fun and a easy way to get blogging again.

Age - In my mind I feel about 30.  The truth is I'm 61.  Why is that is so hard to say? Sigh...

Bed Size - King 
Chore You Hate - Ironing
Dogs - I prefer cats.  I've been petless for over a year now since Rosie died at the age of 22.    I really want one of those golden retriever therapy dogs. It would be great therapy for me.   I also would love grumpy cat.  This cat makes me laugh everytime I see it's picture.

Essential Start To My Day - COFFEE!
Favorite Color - Red
Gold or Silver - Love both
House or Apartment - House
Instruments Played - I always wanted to play the piano.  Believe me I have the hands for it! 
Junk food - Chips, Guacamole, Salsa, Dip ...................all of it.  Bring it on!
Kids - Molly and Jackson my pride and joy!
Live - North Texas
Married - 30+ years!
Never Again - Smoke
Other Fun Fact - Words trigger songs in my head constantly.  I'm forever annoying my friends with this trait.
Pet Peeve - Bad Manners! 
Quote - "No matter where you go, there you are!"
Righty or Lefty - Officially righty.  I think I'm ambidextrous because I use my left for many things.
Siblings - 2 Older brothers
Time You Wake Up - Early!  I'm usually up by 6.
University Attended - Northern Arizona University for 1 year.  Business College 1 year.
Veggies You Dislike - Any lettuce that looks like a weed.  I don't care if it's healthy or not.
What Makes You Run Late - Not much.  I'm usually early.
X-Rays - Are essential for diagnostics.  This is a dumb X word.  We really need another. 
Yum Food - Chocolate of course.  But when no one is looking I like to dip my potato chips in cold water and then eat them.

Zoo Animal Favorite - If I had to pick one it would probably be lions.  Always Cats!    I really am not a fan of zoo's.  I always have felt sorry for the animals.  I feel the same way about circuses.  It's hard for me to enjoy those places.  "Born Free..........."



  1. I think all your answers are great until I read the second part of YUM! Dipping your potato chip in cold water before eating?? Never heard of that! Maybe you are just being healthy and getting rid of some of that salt!! :) By the way, we have a 108 lb. lab we will send down your way! He'll make you forget about cats!!!

  2. You quit smoking? That is awesome! I've dipped my chips in coffee before... Aunt Judy, my lab is 100 lbs and I thought that was big!