Sunday, May 12, 2013

Always 2

I'm cheating, but not at cards. I'm re posting last years "Mother's Day" post just because I really like it. I also like the above picture. After all how often do you see a picture of a mother and daughter playing cards in the back of a speeding boat.

I'll be loving you always

With a love that's true always

When the things you've planned
need a helping hand

I will understand, always

Days may not be fair

That's when I'll be there always

Not for just an hour

Not for just a day

Not for just a year

But, always
Happy Mothers Day!


  1. That was worth the re-post! Love each and every picture! Happy Mother's Day to you and to Shirley! We love you both! S and J

  2. LOVE IT! I always loved the pic of you and Grandma in the straw hat. So glamorous! :) Hugs