Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where I'm At Right Now

Hiding from the 100+ heat.

Trying to figure out how to rev up my metabolism to get rid of the 15 1/2 pounds I gained after I quit smoking plus the 20 that shouldn't have been there before.

Getting all the recipes I've pulled out of magazines organized.  Not helping the metabolism issue!

Re-doing all my to do lists.  They just keep getting longer. 

Re-thinking my blog. I know what I want to do it's just taking the time to do it. 

It's hard to focus when it's hot.  Speaking of hot did you hear that Harry Connick Jr. is going to be a judge on American Idol!  This may be the line that pulls me back to the show.

Dreaming of Fall, crisp cool air, and opening windows. 

Looking at the fall fashions and realizing my fall clothes aren't going to fit if I don't lose the extra pounds. 

On the plus side  (which I am right now) I live in Texas and it won't be cooler until October or November.  That gives me 30+  days to trim the fat weight off.

I found this link for Fall Fashion A-Z.  I can actually shop my closet for some of these.  I've never heard of an ear cuff.  (Then again I'm the girl who had to google the word "twerking" last week.)  Who knows, if I can trim this booty maybe I'll get funky and try one.  Do you think it would work over a hearing aid?

Stay Cool,



  1. I love Harry! Might have to start watching AI! Wish you could have come for the Women Blogger convention next weekend. I went last year and learned a lot and met lots of nice ladies. This year S has to work so I can't swing it. Maybe we can all go next year!

  2. Kathy, So very proud of you! You can lose that weight...I know it is tough but I know you can do it. Drink lots of water! That always helps everything!! I have always loved AI and will continue to watch it in spite of the judges!! One of the very few shows I like on TV. Downton Abbey is my all-time favorite. Looking forward to January!! When you figure out how to lose that weight...let me know....I have at least 20 to lose!

  3. Kathy...I'm more than ready for the arrival of fall, too! It's been a long, HOT summer!