Friday, September 5, 2008

What Comes In The Pet Door - Part I

When Jackson figured out how to open the front door my indoor cats discovered a marvelous world beyond the walls of our home. Shortly after, we installed a pet door. This was great for their comings and goings but has also brought some unwanted guests into our house over the years.

Charlie our cat lived on his own in the gutter about 6 months before we officially adopted him. (Yes, he was coming in the pet door too ). Being on his own taught him to be quite a hunter. He was so grateful to have a warm, dry house to sleep in that he showered us with gifts. I know it's nature and a loving gesture on his part but I am a softy and don't deal with these events well. We've had just about everything imaginable dropped at our feet and some uninvited guests have come in on their own.

The Innocent Ones

Unfortunately birds and bunnies were tops on his list. I was forever trying to fix what he brought in (if it was still alive).

One morning I woke up to two baby blue jays in the living room. One very much alive and the other, well we won't go there. So what do you do with a baby blue jay? You go to Pet Co and buy a bird cage, wild bird formula, a special feeding syringe and now you are set to raise it to adulthood and set it free because you secretly know you are just like Snow White. I put the cage on the back porch and fed the little guy every few hours into the night. Early the next morning I go out, lift the cover off the cage and "Oh No" he is belly up, little legs sticking straight up in the air. It was very sad but the cage came in handy later.

In the springtime it's bunnies.

Living on the golf course brings a surplus of bunnies and many have ended up in my house. Happily I have saved quite a few (shoe boxes work well for trapping). One he brought in was just too tiny. I called the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary but nobody answered. I'm serious there is one. The number is 972-285-0881. Sooo, off to Pet Co again for formula and feeder. Again I tried to save his little life but you know the outcome.

Jackson was at a tender age and quite in to what was going on. I decided a funeral was called for. We put him in a small gift box. I typed up the "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small" verse and placed it in the box with him. We buried him in the back yard, said a prayer and Molly and friends sang Kumbaya. It was a nice touch.

I tried.

Coming soon! Part II - The Unwelcome Guests


  1. That is such a cute story! I'm a huge lover of animals, too, and have often gone to great lengths to try to save them. Sometimes with success; sometimes not. I especially love your recount of the bunny's funeral...too sweet!

  2. Very interesting! You are soooo brave! I would be on the phone!!!

    I do not "do" rodents! Spiders and bugs, OK. Rats, mice....NO!

    You have my admiration!