Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why is there a golf ball in my bathtub?

The other day I walked into our master bathroom and saw some glass (actually plastic) in my sink. I looked around and there was more on the floor and lo and behold a golf ball in the bathtub. So then I looked up and there was a hole in my skylight. See what a fine job Tom did patching it up!

Cardboard, garbage bags and duct tape. No home can be without them.

It had to be a direct hit to go all the way through. I just can't quite figure out how it got past our Red Oak that covers that side of our house. We are halfway down the fairway on the right.

We moved into our house a little over 25 years ago. When we first moved in there were no trees and no patio. Initially we were getting hit a lot. At least 8 windows have been replaced, 1 french door pane, the skylight now for the second time and the patio door shattered but Molly did that when she was three with the Charlie bar so that doesn't count. The only golfer to offer to pay for their bad swing was the one that broke the french door, most of them run off in their carts as fast as they can.

Once I was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone and a ball came through the window past me shattering glass everywhere. Another morning about a year ago, I opened a window in the kitchen because fat Charlie (the cat) likes to go out that way because the pet door is a little tight for him. Leaving it open I sat down at the table to read the paper and a golf ball came through the open window and ping ponged all around the kitchen. Fortunately the only thing it shattered was my nerves. Woke me up!

Needless to say the glass coverage on our insurance policy was cancelled long ago. The skylight seems to be withstanding Gustov's 40 mile an hour winds. There has been no rain in Dallas because the weathermen said we were going to get rain. Instead Arkansas is getting it all.


  1. Sorry about your mishap! It must be so frustrating when that happens, especially when the golfers who caused it run off in a hurry. As for the rain Arkansas is getting...I sure wish it would head our way. We've had the worst drought all summer long and rain would be so welcomed.

  2. Just be glad you weren't in the bathtub at that time!! YUK!