Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Flu Or An Allergic Reaction

I've always been pretty good at diagnosing myself. This time I missed it by a mile, at least to begin with. I was given an antibiotic last week for a mild urinary infection. I woke up Thursday night because my rings were hurting my finger. My fingers were swollen and fortunately I was able to get them off. The next day I went to work despite the fact that my body ached all over. By Saturday I was running a low grade fever, had chills, aches and began a marathon of sleeping all the time. I have had the flu before and this felt exactly like it. Sunday morning I did not take the antibiotic because I just felt too bad to put anything in my stomach. Sunday evening I actually thought I was getting better and took the medicine before going to bed.

Monday morning I woke up feeling worse. I started wondering if the pharmacy had messed up on the prescription. I looked at the pills, googled the brand name and number and saw that it was the right medicine. Then I saw the symptoms for allergic reaction to this medicine. They matched me to a tee. Tom took me to the Doctor who confirmed the reaction. A quick flu test was negative and a chest Xray showed some fluid on my lungs which is also part of the reaction. Yesterday I started breaking out in a lumpy rash (hives). It's now pretty much all over me except my face.

Be cautious when taking medicine for the first time and make sure you know what the side affects and reaction symptoms are or your legs may look like these.

Sometimes it's a good idea to get a second opinion!


  1. Oh my gosh Kathy - I hope you are doing better............

  2. Oh, sorry you're having troubles! I'll be thinking of you and praying that you get better soon!

  3. Oh.MY.Goodness Kathy! I have never seen anyone who broke out from a medicine reaction. Hope you are doing better. Don't take that medicine again!!

  4. I'm so sorry! Emily had a reaction to an antibiotic one time (the coloring in it actually) and her joints swoll up so big she couldn't get out of bed for a MONTH! They said it was the mast cell thing. Scott and I both swear we had a bad batch one time and we had a similar reaction to yours. It was not fun. Did you try oatmeal baths?
    Love you lots, Tia!