Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Leggy Journey


The rash started 5 days ago. I think it all peaked Thursday evening because my legs were swollen like tree stumps. Fortunately I was put on steroids that day and they work very fast. The swelling was down Friday but oh my the blisters, they just keep growing and growing. I've grown a little weary of it all and wonder if I will ever have normal legs again!

Speaking of legs, did you see ER on Thursday? If your a fan you know that Doctors Neela and Ray split up years ago after he tragically lost his legs in an accident. In October 08 they went running together.

He out ran her.

Well on Thursday Neela left the ER to go to work at the rehabilitation center. Few words were said. His "Finally, are you really here?" and Hers "I really am." Awwwwww! I keep replaying the end and wiping away the tears.

Okay my pity party is over. I'm off for a haircut and real party this afternoon. And thankfully I still have my legs!


  1. OHHHHHHHH! Those blisters look terrible! Are they going down at all?

    I hope your doctor took a gander at those!

    Hope you are much better!!

  2. Actually two have joined and it's over 2 inches long. I'm going to wrap my ankle before the party so I figure they will go down after that. I'm going to send him a picture so he can see them. Dr. Rowe called me from Australia yesterday because I sent him an email with a picture. He said steroids is about all you can do. I actually feel pretty good and it is not painful anymore.