Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Home, Flu and Day's of Our Lives

This is the exterior elevation we picked for our house. I love the front porch! Friday we met with the builder to go over the floor plan changes we made and to pick out brick, trim, where to put wiring for internet, cable, and phones. There are so many things to think about. We added soundproofing to a wall between the family room and master bedroom. Most importantly we are soundproofing the floor of the upstairs room which will be Jackson's bedroom. His room will be partially over mom's room, I think she will appreciate this!

We are all anxious "to get the show on the road"! They are hoping to start in about 2 weeks and have given us a 4 to 5 month completion time. Our next step will be picking out carpet, tile, paint, etc. That should happen in about a week or so.

I have been trying to focus on clearing out 26 years of clutter from my house and 31 years from mom's. This was going along smoothly until I got hit with what I am pretty sure is the flu. Friday I woke up aching all over. I went to work but felt pretty miserable all day. Yesterday I vegged on the couch dosing most of the day and watched 3 episodes of Day's of our lives, Heroes, and Medium that I had taped. It looks like today's going to be the same, every inch of me hurts. Yes, I did get the flu shot! They haven't got that formula right in years! Three more episode of Day's to catch up on. I can't wait for Sammy to find out Nicole has her baby! I really like Rafe too.

Surely this man can settle her down!


  1. So exciting about the new house! I want to move just so I can declutter. (Bad, isn't it!) Hope you get well soon. Chicken soup and OJ! Lots of love, Shell

  2. Speaking of clutter, Steve reminded me today that we haven't touched the stuff in our garage in over four years now! The car has yet to be in the garage! May this will be the year!!!!

    Hope you are feeling much better!