Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breakfast in Wylie

My friend Heidi and I met for lunch last week to catch up and exercise our cheeks facial muscles from laughing so much.  We used to haunt Applebees but since I moved we are branching out to other restuarants and even shook things up a bit by making it breakfast instead of lunch.  Last week we headed to downtown Wylie.

We went to a place called "The Ballard Street Cafe" . 

It's an old fashioned cafe with lots of historic pictures of Wylie on the walls.  The menu is a newspaper.  This is a crazed woman me holding it up for you to see.

Here is a close up of one of their specialties (Chateau Bubba) it has to be finger licking good.

Part of the balcony above the entrance.

An Armadillo greeted us at the cash register.  Yes it's real. Just a little stuffed. 

We had a great breakfast.  The service was excellent and I didn't get thrown out when I knocked my coffee over.    Better yet Heidi didn't pretend like she didn't know me, asked for more napkins to help me clean it up and even paid for it! 

A True Friend.

We walked the streets window shopped after breakfast.  At the end of the block there is a historic home called "The Birmingham House".  It was built in 1905.  

Across the street we found another place we want to try next time.

It's called Taste of Home.  Just my style.


  1. Looks like a fun morning with Heidi! I love little downtowns....cute shops, etc. Wylie has probably grown since I had been downtown there. I use to shop in a little store to buy baby dresses there...don't remember the name.

    Would love to look at the Birmingham House! So stately but yet homey too!

  2. Dad and I went to Ballard Street one day for lunch!! Been there a couple of other times...yummy!!

  3. Oh that restaurant looks like fun! I love the armadillo!