Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Snow

Spring Snow This Morning

It started snowing here about 10pm last night.  About 2:30 this morning Molly called and was stuck on the entrance ramp to highway 190.  A truck ahead of her was also stuck.  She tried calling roadside assistance but there was no answer.  My guess is they were very busy!  She ended up calling 911 and a short time later the police arrived.  I took off heading her direction while Tom stayed on the phone with her.  She was a tad rattled and a lot embarassed.  The snow was coming down so hard you could hardly see the road.

Here is the interchange she was on.

The policeman had to shut down the overpass and part of central expressway.  He talked her down and she made it safely home. 

 Leave it to my daughter to stop traffic!

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  1. The snow looks beautiful! Love your new outdoor table and chairs!! Thank goodness for the Dallas police! I bet you were at rattled as she was! I would have been!