Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Have To Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative.

Last week I got on the elevator sharing it with an older man.  He was beaming with happiness and seeing my work badge he looked at me and said "you work here".  A simple statement, not a question.  I said "yes I do".  He said "Thank You.  I don't know what part of the hospital you work in but - Thank You.  My wife is going home today."  His gratitude and acknowledgement of little ole me and everyone even behind the scenes, absolutely made my day.

Yesterday while I was registering for my mammogram the registrar looked at my insurance card and could tell my husband worked for the government.  She asked if he was military.  I told her no that he worked for an agency of the federal government. Chatting we discovered we were both "Army Brats". Being a little cryptic she said "Then you know.  There are so many people who don't know anymore." I knew exactly what she was trying to say. Many people are oblivious to what is going on in the world today or the sacrifices that affect our soldiers and their families.  She looked at me and said "Thank you for you and your family."  I thanked her as well. 

We should all be so grateful and positive.  We should all pay it forward.

And then.....

This morning I see a new unpublished comment on my blog.  She was attacking my family insinuating we didn't care about the soldiers or the war that is happening now.  She inferred we were racists and a whole lot of other hog wash.  I'm not going to post it because that is the attention she is looking for but I do want to acknowledge it for several reasons.  It's so negative, a judgement of me and my family,  because it's wrong, and I'm sick to death of your hatefulness. 

So to anonymous once again:

Contrary to what you say, what happened decades ago is extremely important.  All the wars and battles fought by our forefathers beginning over a hundred years ago, not decades,  have given us the freedom today that many take for granted.  My father served for over 32 years.  My brother and my husband also served in the military.  If my son chose to enlist I would most assuredly support that, but he can't for health reasons and quite frankly I thank God that he can't!  I am very thankful for all the brave military men and women and their families who have served or are currently serving our country. But, I want them to come home.  This war is never going to be won. Just like the Vietnam war was never won. It's a waste of money and most importantly a waste of many lives.

Sadly racism is alive and well all over the world.  Remember when I told you how I felt about that before?  Go Here  It's interesting how people think they know all about you when they know nothing at all.  Your comment about how we all voted republican annoyed me.  One of my pet peeves is people assuming I feel the same way they do when they express their opinions on a subject.  Politics is a really good example.  Republicans vs Democrats.  I was inundated with Obama bashing emails during the election.  Guess what.  I voted for Obama, my husband voted for Obama and even my mother voted for Obama.  I will probably vote for him again depending on who he runs against.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who like to say they didn't vote for him because he is a Democrat but I think for some that is a cover for he's black.  Yes racism is still around it's just a little more subtle.

It's ironic that you talk of bigotry when you are the queen of bigotry.  The comments you have made about my family in the past prove it.  Is your life so dull and miserable that all you have to do is torment people or are you mentally ill and in need of help?  There was an article this morning on Yahoo about people like you.  You're referred to as "haters". What a pitiful existence.  Enough said.  This is my last response to you.  Just go away, your comments are unwanted. Why do you even care? Quit harassing people.  Get a job.  Get a life.  

I have thought very seriously about tracking you down.  There are ways to do it.   Keep that in mind.  I would love to expose you for who you really are.   You can hide behind anonymous but your comments will not be posted.  You can't win with me.  I have the power of delete.

And Don't Mess With Mrs In Between!



  2. P.S. all of your "POSITIVES" on your blog made my day!!!! I realized today at school that one little comment or role that you play in a someone's life whether you know them or not, can stick with them forever. It is the simple acts of kindness that change our world and make one persons' day just a little bit better!

  3. Although I do agree with your statement, You Have To Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative. I am saying Goodbye to your blog ............

  4. Just writing to say keep up the Good Work! Don't let others get you down!

  5. Found your blog through Kelly's Korner and don't think I've posted a comment before but had to just say, your response to 'anonymous' is/was very well stated!! Maybe, just maybe this person will get a clue - I'm learning that sometimes all we can do for people like that is to pray for them!!

    Great post!!