Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kat Tales

I decided for my first post that I would tell you why I named my blog "Kat Tales". There is a double meaning. First of all I love cats. I have two, Rosie is an orange tabby that I bought at a pet store over 18 years ago because Molly would not leave without her, and Charlie a large (16 lb) black and white sweety that strayed through my pet door 13 years ago. (He really has to suck it in now to get through the door!). Secondly, Kat being short for Kathy and my friends will tell you that I always seem to have a story to tell, thus the Tales.

You will eventually see pictures but we had a computer crash a couple of weeks ago and I lost everything. Back-up, always back-up.

I was inspired to create my own blog after first reading my niece Kelly's which then tumbled over into my sister-in-law Judy's blog, my brothers blog and all the blogs they look at. It became a morning ritual for me to read their blogs before I go to work. It's an amazing world of writers out there. I just had to join in the fun and I have lots to talk about.


  1. Yeah - I'm so glad you are blogging!!! Grandma is going to be super busy now that we are ALL blogging!!! :-)

  2. That comment was from me - I'm on Scott's computer.

  3. Well, welcome to Bloggyville!

    Have you read April's blog yet?
    If you haven't I will send you a link. I can't think of it at the moment (it's late and I've had a huge day)!

    Glad Shirley's test went well. I will talk to her tomorrow.

    You will love blogging....but be is very addictive!

  4. Hi Mom! It's your FAVORITE second daughter :) Love the blog! Can't wait to see more!


  5. I always thought you were brilliant- and this proves it. I love your blog!
    I think you might want to add "Come to the Light" to your favorite quotes.