Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Cat Tails

You knew this was coming didn't you? Three kitties have been a part of our family for a very long time. The first to move in was Skipper. Molly picked him out and convinced me he was the one. I was concerned because he was the runt of the litter but he was so pretty. Part blue siamese, part we will never know.

Baby Skipper
He was a mama's boy. Loved to be held on your shoulder, was very affectionate with lots of hugs. He liked to be sang to and would join in with his own meows. When he was young he had a little Bert doll (Sesame Street) that he carried around and even slept with. He would sit on the side of the tub when Molly took a bath, fortunately he never fell in.

Here he is sitting on the seat of my exercise bike. Couldn't quite reach the pedals.

About 6 months later while shopping at the Mall, Molly saw this little orange tabby in the pet store that we just had to bring home. She was so tiny and cute and I didn't know until after we got her home that she was quite sick. Skipper became infected and after numerous visits to the vet and lots of money we finally got them well.

Rosie in Molly's baby doll crib

Rosie and Skipper were best buds. There were indoor cats until Jackson turned about 3 and was able to open the door.

I had a small pet door installed so they could go in and out through the garage. Only problem was sometimes things come in that have not been invited. (To be a future blog!) But the best uninvited guest to come was:


He was sneaking in at night to eat. Eventually he joined us on the couch but would leave by morning. This went on for about 6 months. I thought he might have two homes because he was so sweet natured and had been neutered, but Molly found him hiding in the gutter. One really rainy day he flew through the pet door and moved in for good. He is a big boy, weighs almost 16 lbs and has the most pitiful little meow. Despite Charlies size, Skipper who weighed about 10 lbs remained King Kitty. Charlie would always submit to Skipper or get cat slapped across the face. It was really funny to watch. Rosie on the other hand, hated Charlie and to this day hisses when he walks by. She has spent many hours of her life sitting on top of the refrigerator. I guess she is just a one man kitty, or it could be a couple of rides she took in the dryer that affected her thinking!

Sadly we lost Skipper almost 2 years ago. He was 17 years old. Rosie now 18 looked for him for a long time after he was gone.

We miss you Skippy!

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  1. awww... i miss wrote more about the kitties then you did about your kids!!! haahhaa jk mom!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!