Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear God

Please watch over my niece Harper born just today and guide her safely to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. Her tiny body needs help. Please help her lungs to heal. Give Kelly, Scott and their parents strength at this most difficult time.

Update: Harper is in Tulsa. See for all the details. Kelly has touched so many hearts around the world, I almost expected to see headlines on Yahoo this morning! Thank you everyone for supporting her.


  1. Hi, I saw that Kelly has you on her list and I'm here to see if there is any news. I'm one of her faithfuls :)
    praying in Prattville, AL
    John & Nancy

  2. hi kathy, i am so sorry to hear this sad news about harper. i've been praying so hard all day for her, especially now. i hope kelly is feeling ok. lord, i cannot imagine what she is going through right not. thousands of prayers are being lifted up right now. harper WILL be healed. every blog on go onto has a prayer request for harper. God is good and will continue to prove true. Hugs and blessings from Colorado, Amy

  3. Hey Kathy,

    My heart is breaking for what has happened, but we all know that God is in control AND he hears prayers! I posted about Harper on my blog last night, so I have lots of prayer warriors lifting them up in prayer. I will continue to keep abreast of the situation via Kelly and Steve's blogs. Please know that we are praying so very hard for them all...