Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Visit With Chris and Carrie

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Chris and Carrie and see their new home. It's in a lovely area situated in East Dallas near White Rock Lake. I just loved their house. They have it decorated so cute, it's ready for a magazine shoot! I wish I had taken more pictures but I got caught up in visiting with them and the photos didn't happen.

Chris and Carrie

Mom, Tom and Molly

We decided to go to Matt's for Mexican food. I have never been there and was anxious to try it especially after my sister-in-law Judy told me how wonderful the Bob Armstrong Dip is. I have to tell you she was absolutely right. It's a mixture of cheese, ground beef, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and the most divine mixture you will ever put on a corn chip! All of us enjoyed our meals from the grilled tacos, enchiladas to Chris's chicken fried steak. I'm giving them 5 stars!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and actually hit 84 degrees. Mother Nature has had us on a roller coaster ride this winter. Today the high is supposed to be in the 40's and we have a chance for freezing precipitation tomorrow. As we say in Texas, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes. It'll change."


  1. I love that Bob Armstong dip so much I could probably just drink it out of a cup if I could!! YUM!

    So glad you got to take Shirley and go down to see the kids' house while we were having a "spring day"!!

    We have the same saying in Arkansas about the weather. Yesterday it was 75 degrees and today it is 38 degrees!

  2. I'm glad ya'll go to go see C&C! Wish we could have been there too!
    That dip is SO good!!!!!YUM!

  3. I have to say ditto on the dip. That's a great place to eat!
    Glad you took mom to see Chris and Carrie's house.