Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Steve and Judy!
My brother and my sister-in-law's wedding anniversary is today. The amount of years they have been married is on my calendar at home but I can tell you it's been a looooong time. They will be celebrating together in Tulsa and what a better way than watching their first grandchild improving by the minute. I pray Harper wakes up and sees her grandparents for the first time on this special day. Love you both.


  1. Oh, wow...wouldn't that just be the best way to celebrate? I wish them many more wonderful years together! Sounds like Harper is doing great!

  2. Trust me when I say they are doing fine celebrating this anniversary in the hospital. We went to Tulsa to see them today and they are just over there blessing people's socks off. They are such a wonderful couple. Happy Anniversary, Steve and Judy. Harper continues to improve. It was awesome to get to see her and pray over her while touching her. I am the one feeling blessed tonight just from seeing the whole family there today.